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Why Your Style Matters More Than You Think

At Atarie, we are passionate about fashion and helping women discover the best version of themselves. Our mission is to help your style reflect who you want to be and make your wardrobe work for your goals. Learn how to shop with a plan and how to give your style direction. Whether it’s your style or your body language, our personal branding plays a major role in our successes. 

Services and Bundles

We are constantly going through lifestyle changes. Whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, change in relationship status or entering/returning to the work force, we all need a little guidance to succeed. Let us help you get out of a rut or just improve your wardrobe and style.


All of our services include a pre-consultation phone call to answer any questions.

Help us get to know you better

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Wardrobe Review + Assessment

Feel confident with your body type and how to work with what you already have

Keep + Discard Piles

Get rid of anything that does not reflect your life goals. Unwanted items will be delivered to a local charity.

Wardrobe Checklist

Evaluate what is missing and create a list of essential items

Closet Organization

Learn how to categorize your closet according to garment type and color

Shopping Recommendations

Links and detailed descriptions of products to look for

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Wardrobe Assessment

See what is and what is not working for your style. Learn how to use what you have

Style Goal Analysis

Figure out why your style is not working and create solutions 

Personal Style Evaluation

Discover your style based on your lifestyle, personality and body type

Vision Board

Ideas and Inspirational photos to help focus on your style goals 

1 on 1 Shopping Trip

No more stressful shopping. Receive a personalized shopping plan according to your style and budget.

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Customize Your Package

Wardrobe Assessment

See what is and what is not working for you. Learn how to use what you have

Style Analysis + Vision Board 

Discover your unique style goals and get ideas and inpirational photos

1 Week of One on One Advice

Unsure about an outfit or just have a question? Receive expert advice tailored for you

Detailed Shopping List/Website Links

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